Teaching Philosophy


My overall approach to teaching is to inspire my students. I seek to physically, mentally, and emotionally stimulate my students’ learning in creative and innovative ways. How do I inspire? 

I inspire by sharing a motivational (and relevant) quote to begin each class. 

I inspire by learning each student's name during the first week of the semester. 

I inspire by keeping detailed notecards with students’ information in order to better assist their learning. 

I inspire by affirming my students when they participate in small and large group discussions.

I inspire by encouraging my students to reflect on how class content directly impacts their lives. 

I inspire by performing real-life case studies and activities to emphasize concepts and practice skills.

I inspire by creating assignments that require work in the field and interactions with healthcare providers.

I inspire by addressing timely public health problems like Zika and the Precision Medicine Initiative. 

I inspire by providing comprehensive feedback on students’ in-class comments and written assignments.

I inspire by sending relevant pop-culture and journal articles to students that they are interested in.

I inspire by hosting guest speakers who expose my students to the broader field of health communication.

I inspire by teaching practical strategies for interacting with healthcare professionals and institutions.

I inspire by empowering my students to be active participants in their own healthcare.

I inspire by instructing my students how to be patient-centered healthcare professionals.

I inspire by sharing my own personal stories about health and healthcare. 

I inspire by explaining how my research improves healthcare providers’ and patients’ lives.

I inspire by participating in a national health campaign about young women and breast cancer. 

I inspire by keeping a blog to discuss what I am teaching in the classroom and learning from my students.

I inspire by volunteering in my community to assist cancer patients and their families.

I inspire by presenting at conferences to spread ideas and solve problems.

I inspire by speaking at TEDxUSF about my role as a teacher, patient, and health advocate.

In sum, my approach to teaching integrates a variety of teaching strategies and learning styles including but not limited to short lectures to define key terms and theories; case-studies and activities to help students connect class concepts with real-world problems; peer interaction to expose students to different beliefs, attitudes, and values; personal stories to reveal the ways in which health communication impacts lives; guest speakers to show how students’ learning applies to the real-world; videos to explain different perspectives from other disciplines, universities, and countries; and self-reflection prompts to enable students to examine how classroom learning relates to and can improve their own lives. Because of this approach, it is inevitable that we learn together, and thus inspire each other. 


Dr. Marleah Dean Kruzel