“I enjoyed your class a lot. Though I felt the workload was a bit difficult for me, I am happy with my overall success and the high support you have provided throughout the duration of the course. Thank you for all you have done and will continue doing for the University and our Department of Communication.”

“Dr. Dean Kruzel is an amazing professor. She has a great teaching philosophy and style. I like the fact that she has the students interact with each other in almost every class period since it is a communication class. I've definitely learned a lot, and I would definitely recommend her to other students.”

 “I highly recommend health communication for all health majors. I feel that I learn a great deal that would help me in the medical field for one on one interactions.”

“Dr. Dean Kruzel's class was very interesting. From the lectures, to the videos to the quotes, I enjoyed this class. Everyday she came to class with such a pleasant smile on her face and talked to us like she was really interested in teaching the class as well as interested in the topic we were learning about that day.”

“I truly enjoyed your class and learned a lot of information that will be used in both my personal and professional future.”

“I’ve learned so much this semester, I cannot wait to incorporate my knowledge into my work.”

“I enjoyed your class immensely; it was so eye opening, and I will definitely be using the knowledge I gained from your class for the future.”

Dr. Marleah Dean Kruzel