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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles 

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*Graduate student or **undergraduate student collaborator during the production of this manuscript.

Invited Book Chapters

Clayton, M. F. & Dean, M., & Mishel, M. (2018). Theories of Uncertainty in Illness. In M.J. Smith & P. Liehr (Eds). Middle range theory in advanced practice nursing (4th ed., pp. 49-81). New York, NY: Springer Publishing. ISBN: 9780826159915.

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Featured Research Translation to Practice

Dean, M. (2017). Episode #71 “Dr. Marleah Dean Kruzel on Combining Personal and the Professional in Research.” Oregon State University’s Research in Action

Dean, M. (2017). How to make decisions in the wake of uncertainty. TEDxUSF.

Dean, M. (2016). Marleah: Inspired by My Mom. CDC’s “Bring Your Brave” Social Media Campaign.

Dean, M. (2015). CDC’s national social media health communication campaign’s “Bring Your Brave” for Young Women and Breast Cancer.

Recent Public Scholarship

Featured in Online Learning Consortium Today, Volume 16, Issue 12 for “Research in Action.”

Featured in the USF News for TEDxUSF Talk entitled, “How to Make Decisions in an Uncertain Future.” (2017).